Rift – That Awkward Phase

So after last week’s whinefest, I am here to say that the changes are no longer bugging me. I have gotten used to my new rotations, my new skills, and my new role in groups. And the word of today is:

O V E R R E A C T I O N !

Game developers (despite popular belief) know what they’re doing (okay… it’s popular belief for a reason… I’ll specify… Trion knows what they’re doing). I am starting to see why they added and got rid of what they did.

Now it is time to wait for the expansion awkward phase. This period of waiting, after class changes have happened but before the expansion has hit, is one of the weirdest times in an MMO. Really the only thing to do is to talk with friends. Raiding and gearing up seems pointless. As with most expansion packs, even high level gear will (probably) be moot in the new expansion (let the whining commence!).

Players have been using this time to hone their new skills, however this is a bit of a problem as the new skill sets have overpowered everyone for the current content (in my case, I am able to spam cast my best heal and my mana does not even move).  Nothing currently in the game will really prepare you to have your skills tested, plus, you are not yet able to max out your skill trees.  Once you are able to level up past 50, those extra points will fill out the rest of your trees and really see what you can do.

The whole thing feels almost like a on-the-job training phase that has a mandatory time limit.  Even though you’re ready to go out and do the real thing, you have to wait that full month to actually do anything.

Oddly enough though, my experience has been positive.  Everyone seems to be having a good time chatting about the new possibilities that are coming.  So while it may be the odd “bucktooth” phase, everyone is happy at least (or at least seems to be). Me?  Well, I’ve been playing around with the ability to wear any armor I want as a costume.  I look goooooooooooood.

I will heal you! TO DEATH!

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